Restitution is important

Are there areas in your life in need of restitution?

If there are areas in your life where you need to right some wrongs of the past please do so…do not procrastinate this decision.

The presence of ‘pending restitution’ is a blockage in ‘the drain pipes’ of ones destiny resulting in stagnation and one could even miss Heaven!

Right those wrongs of the past, pay those debts, redeem those pledges, return what doesn’t belong to you that’s in your possession….

Restitution guarantees Heaven; if your ways are right with GOD (righteousness= Holiness+obedience to GOD’s Word).
It guarantees increase: your labour will no longer be in vain, you’ll get commensurate results.

Make your restitution now!

GOD bless you
(My Summary Open Heavens Sunday, 24, March: BEWARE OF DRAIN PIPES)


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