Because CHRIST is in me and I’m in HIM….

1)I can enjoy life(from HIS words) John 6:63
2)I can be sure of eternal life John 10:9-10
3)I can enjoy divine health III John:2
4)I can be fruitful and not barren John 15:5 (Spiritually, in Ministry, Financially and Materially IIIJohn:2&Deuteronomy 28:12
5)I can be righteous consistently righteous John 15:2-3
6)I can do all things Philipians 4:13 (because nothing is impossible with GOD Luke 1:37 and HE lives in me, hence I can do all things)
7)I can be sure of True Love John 15:9-10&13 and ICorinthians 13:1-7
8)I can be sure of a True Friend John 15:13-15, Proverbs 18:24
9)I can have Joy John 15:11
10)I can have Peace Philipians 4:7
11)I can have all my needs supplied Philipians 4:18
12)I can have a Hope of Glory Colossians 1:27
13)I can have answers to all my prayers John 15:7, IJohn 5:14
14)I cannot be afraid John 14:27, IITimothy1:7, Romans 8:15
15)I cannot be ashamed Joel2:27 rather glorified Isaiah 60:1-2
16)I cannot be defeated; i’m an overcomer IJohn 4:4 & Romans 8:37
17)I cannot be betrayed or forsaken Proverbs 18:24, Joshua 1:5 and Matthew 28:20
18)I cannot be alone; He’s always with me Joshua 1:5
19)I can be sure of Divine Help Psalms 121:1
20)I can be strong; i can draw strength from Him hence, there’s no place for weakness! Philipians 4:13 Isaiah 41:10
…the benefits of being in Christ are innumerable our minds cannot even fathom….
Jesus Christ is what you need; abide in Him and He will in you
And the Blessings shall be yours!
(An Excerpt from the Action Point from the Open Heavens of Friday, 26 July 2013)
GOD bless you!


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