So sweetheart had been saying “there’s the movie I want us to see…” And I’m thinking “what kinda movie could that be?” I  already imagined it would be his kind of movie and not ‘mine’. Funny how it has turned out to be ‘everybody’s’ movie.

So the ‘D-day’ came after my ‘time alone first week in January, after church on Sunday we saw the movie! I was busy that day so I couldn’t see the movie till the end…

But, I brought the gospel home (yes! This movie is the gospel indeed) after troubling sweets to give me on my PC. After putting a family supper together, I played the movie for them and it was just glorious! There are those scenes that get me ‘teary’ and stand the hairs on my body.

I have seen this movie three times! And I got the chill every time! I have no doubt there was an investment of power and anointing into this movie. Those ‘chills’ in those scenes, you can feel GOD’s Presence!

So this group I belong to, forced a review out of me after we saw it (#MyThirdTime) at #MountCarmelRetreat.

I hope you enjoy!

War Room borders around the following Christian Values:
1). Genuine Salvation: It is not about going to Church. Genuine Repentance is revealed by a life of Signs and Wonders: Mrs Williams could be a genuine witness that was shining the light if Jesus because she was born-again.
2). The need for Repentance
3). The effectiveness and importance of a close relationship with GOD
4). The Power of Prayer: This was displayed throughout the movie: We see there is no stereotype to prayer: Location, time and posture does not matter.
We see Intercessory prayer here; Declaration in Prayer; “The violent taking it by force” kind of Prayer; Prayer of Repentance and Mercy
5). The Power in the Word of GOD: We see how the people of GOD derive strength, revelation from the Word of GOD.
6). The profitability of Wisdom: A woman should know when to talk, when to be angry, how to put together her words. (the Bible says “a soft answer turneth away wrath”)
7). The Virtuousness of a Woman (O yes! The Proverbs 31 woman😃)
8). The man isn’t left out either…The GOD man as I will call it…that truly loves his wife and would humble himself, giving her the respect he deserves; a Father and friend even to his child.
9). Humility: The wife here humble enough to learn from the woman who offered to help. She did not despise an offer to help. (we need this virtue otherwise we send our Destiny helpers away).
10). Restitution (when he made right the lies and returns stolen items even after he had been sacked and he obviously needed money).
11). He loved his enemies and did good to those who despitefully used him (as Jesus commanded in Matthew 5) when he helped his former boss that did not like him.
12). Faith: Things were not working when they surrendered to GOD’S will especially after restitution but, they believed GOD to pull through. They were resilient not to compromise and indeed GOD came through for them. (Reference: The three Hebrew men in the book of Daniel; when you do not compromise and believe in GOD’S ability to deliver, HE will deliver!)
13). We could also see that Light shines and can affect others. We can see how the mother affected her daughter positively.
14). The power in the name of Jesus: There’s no situation that cannot be overcome “in Jesus’ name”
15). Last but not not least (because there is just too much to say, when you see the movie you’ll agree with me); those that are in GOD’S Presence can never be stranded; because GOD is their helper and they are marked for Signs and Wonders.

Link to War Room – 699MB

You will enjoy this movie😊


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