So there I was last night (it has been coming for a while now) but, last night’s was heavy….


I could not help but cast my mind to as far as year 2 in high school at Caleb to Mary Adelaja and Iyanu George (my close pals) and my room mates: Victoria Olanrewaju, Kuloyo Omowunmi and Ndidi Egwim. We were in the same class and same dorm. We maintained closeness till i left the boarding house and then in senior class we happened to be in different classes and sadly so, was every iota of closeness.

Some where along the line I developed a likenes for Precious Aghulor: a simple but lovely lady (she looks like a madam now…lol). But, our time together, I am grateful to GOD, I was able to relate with someone on a mutually beneficial level. Thank   GOD for where we are today.

And there is Somto Ibe, how I love this young beautiful young lady: I remember walking up to her during one of the Inter-house sports practices at CMD “…can we be friends…?” A beg friend right😹 Well she obliged. She is a very intelligent person, warm and reserved in nature. I am so glad and grateful to GOD we are still in touch. For I have no doubt great things lie in store for us all.

And there is Oluwadamilotun Koko: a brilliant, bright young lady and very reserved too! I remember how we met and became friends (hmmm…Truimphant Chapel teenagers church Ikorodu)! That place groomed great minds…of which we are on of, no doubt! Though we are not often in touch but, there is love😉

I know the Essence of these: I thank GOD for all these people (not all of them mentioned) because of a truth your friends have a role to play in your life and these ones, together we excelled and are still excelling; while in school we were not known for evil: in fact we have been leaders at various times!  And we will be known for greatness still! None of us will die young, marry wrong or fall into error in any area of life in Jesus name. Amen.

Know this: I love you and I am not ashamed to say I miss you and “Could we be friends still?” Closer 😀😊😘


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