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Hello guys! Been a minute right 😂 I have missed dropping something here. Anyway, how do you guys deal with Conflict in the face of those you are to Honor? I believe that Honor is deserving to GOD Parents Leaders (Religious, Government: Public or Private) Other Authorities What do you think? Please let me know […]

There is a Fire!

Why are you still sleeping?! Yes you! Wake up! There is a fire! I said fire, yes! Fire! There is fire everywhere! The fire of: hatred, strife, killings, desperation, aggression and its multiplier effect, envy, corruption, untold hardship, poverty, sickness, pain, secret struggles, wicked leaders, emotional hurt, wicked traditions, hunger, lies, recession, the list is […]


So there I was last night (it has been coming for a while now) but, last night’s was heavy…. I REALLY MISS ‘THESE’ FRIENDS! I could not help but cast my mind to as far as year 2 in high school at Caleb to Mary Adelaja and Iyanu George (my close pals) and my room […]


So sweetheart had been saying “there’s the movie I want us to see…” And I’m thinking “what kinda movie could that be?” I  already imagined it would be his kind of movie and not ‘mine’. Funny how it has turned out to be ‘everybody’s’ movie. So the ‘D-day’ came after my ‘time alone first week […]

Religion or JESUS?

Religion or church going will not save you neither will it guarantee you eternal life. And if you belong to the category of people who still think “heaven and hell” is just a tale that is shared by fanatics; my dear, have a rethink and port to JESUS’ side. Enough is enough of playing ‘church’ […]

Lil something for the 2nd-half of 2014


What is the life a man has…? But for the breath of life GOD placed in there, we all are just dust, mere clay! It’s high-time we wake up to that realisation daily! We’re all just here for a while, the end is near; and more than ever, now is when you should be prepared […]