Are you trivialising sin and claiming they are unavoidable “mistakes”? Let’s strive to live above such carnality and put an end to “rascality” in the name of Pentecostalism and seek to worship GOD, our FATHER in Spirit and in truth. Mortify the deeds of the flesh as in Galatians 5:19-21 so that our worship can […]

A lot of us have heard people say “na patience go put food for my table or money in my pocket?” Or you might have said it one way or the other…undeniably, I have acted out that way too! Impatience! It is a thief of Glory, GOD’s original plan and purpose for our destiny. I […]

Secret #1: Honour your Father and Mother, Obey them in the LORD. This appears to me as not just to our biological parents but, to elders around us, if you want to be an elder, honour them too. And as for Obedience, the scripture makes it clear, it should be only in the LORD. So […]

#JustInCaseYouDidn’tKnow or #Youforgot this is a #Reminder: You were created for a Divine Purpose. And this Divine Purpose is centered the fact that we are to affect lives positively. There are people GOD will bring our way to reach out to for HIS Glory. Personally, I know I have not been doing enough but, there’s […]

1)I can enjoy life(from HIS words) John 6:63 2)I can be sure of eternal life John 10:9-10 3)I can enjoy divine health III John:2 4)I can be fruitful and not barren John 15:5 (Spiritually, in Ministry, Financially and Materially IIIJohn:2&Deuteronomy 28:12 5)I can be righteous consistently righteous John 15:2-3 6)I can do all things Philipians […]

JESUS…. The Way, The Truth and Life! He is the only ticket to Life here on earth…. And the only way to Eternal Life after earth, death…Heaven! If you don’t have JESUS, you don’t have Life Receive HIM today…and start Living!

The Open Heavens of 14, April 2013 “Let your little light shine” brought a new dawn! The LORD used the same devotional i had studied again from the mouth of my pastor…i know Jesus loves me. GOD the FATHER loves me too and doesn’t want me to perish and the Holy Spirit helped open my […]